Microsoft Themes

What is it and why use it?

Themes is one of the most powerful features of Microsoft Office for both PC and Mac, yet it is the most underutilized. It's time to change this so that all business users can confidently create deliverables in less time, with better results – giving marketing departments confidence that employees are finally adhering to brand guidelines.

Who this session is for:

  • End Users

    who want to learn the correct method for generating and branding deliverables in lightning speed.

  • Marketing Pros

    who want to get employees and presenters to eagerly use (and crave!) your branded templates and presentations.

  • Managers & Business Owners

    who want a litmus test for selecting the right template designer.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the magic button in PowerPoint that will save you hours of time

  • Apply a company-branded template to your presentation with one click of a button

  • Quickly and effectively format a proposal, on brand, in just a few clicks

  • Understand formatting behaviors and best practices when pasting content between deliverables

  • And much more!

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Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Themes Expert

Vickie Sokol Evans, RedCape founder, is considered the expert in Microsoft Office Themes teaching and supporting end users how to easily leverage their corporate Theme and PowerPoint “template” while teaching and working with Corporate Marketing departments and Ad/Branding Agencies on how to properly create and deliver their branded Themes to end users. Author of "100 Life-Changing Tips using Microsoft Office" for both PC & Mac, Vickie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with 25+ certifications and over 20 years of classroom training experience, specializing in the Microsoft, Google and Apple productivity platforms.