In this session, we'll walk through how to use the project management app that is included with Office 365. You'll be able to create projects and tasks and work with teams across your organization or build a project plan for yourself.

What's Inside This Course

  • 1

    Microsoft Planner

    • Intro and Scenario

    • Lesson 1: What is Microsoft Planner?

    • Lesson 2: Creating and Working the Plan

    • Lesson 3: Planner Across O365

    • Lesson 4: Merging Planner into your Workday

    • Q & A

Meet Your Instructor

Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Vickie Sokol Evans is a globally recognized digital productivity instructor and comedic speaker who trains the world's smartest people how to use their technology to get better results in less time. Her clients include: Microsoft, The Gates Foundation, Stanford University, The New York Times, Starbucks, Amazon, UK's Parliament, and most notably Bill Gates' team, among many others. A Microsoft Certified Trainer with 25+ certifications and over 20 years' training experience on PC and Mac platforms, Vickie is founder of The Red Cape Company headquartered in Austin, Texas.