What's Inside This Course

  • 1

    Module 1

    • Handouts and Resource(s)

    • Module 1 Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Office 365 101

    • Lesson 2: Access Apps Across Devices

    • Lesson 3: Access Documents Across Devices

    • Lesson 4: Communicate and Meet Virtually

    • Lesson 5: Phishing Scams

  • 2

    Module 1 Q&A

    • Q: What are the limits and recording options in Teams Meetings?

    • Q: Can my company block some O365 Apps?

    • Q: How can I use PC and Mac together with O365?

    • Q: How do I access my Company OneDrive?

    • Q: How easy is it to migrate to OneDrive? What's the storage limit?

    • Q: What is the difference between OneDrive and Network Drives?

    • Q: Can anyone edit/organize a company OneDrive?

    • Q: How secure is OneDrive? How do I change permissions?

    • Q: If I edit a file in Teams, how does the versioning work?

  • 3

    Module 2

    • Introduction

    • Lesson 1: Review of OneDrive and Teams on Mac

    • Lesson 2: Teams and Channels

    • Lesson 3: Team Documents

    • Lesson 4: Teams Collaboration

    • Lesson 5: Search

  • 4

    Module 2 Q&A

    • Questions from previous session

    • Quiz: Storing in OneDrive vs Teams

    • Example of using OneDrive with executives

    • Homework/Next Steps

    • Q: Can you review privacy and security in Teams?

    • Q: How do I use Teams Meetings as a delegate in Outlook?

  • 5

    Module 3: Bonus!

    • Intro and Questions from Previous Sessions

    • Lesson 1: Tips, Tricks, and Shortcuts

    • Lesson 2: FindTime

    • Lesson 3: Microsoft Forms

    • Lesson 4: Microsoft Planner

    • Lesson 5: ToDo App

    • Next Steps

  • 6

    Module 3 Q&A

    • Q: Who organizes things in Teams?

    • Q: How can I convince IT to switch to OneDrive or Teams?

    • Q: How should I handle attachments in Teams Meetings?

    • Q: Can I create a custome FindTime meeting link?

Meet Your Instructor

Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Certified Trainer

Vickie Sokol Evans is a globally recognized digital productivity instructor and comedic speaker who trains the world's smartest people how to use their technology to get better results in less time. Her clients include: Microsoft, The Gates Foundation, Stanford University, The New York Times, Starbucks, Amazon, UK's Parliament, and most notably Bill Gates' team, among many others. A Microsoft Certified Trainer with 25+ certifications and over 20 years' training experience on PC and Mac platforms, Vickie is founder of The Red Cape Company headquartered in Austin, Texas.