90 minutes

  • Discover the magic button that will save hours of time

  • Understand how the mail merge process works

  • Learn timesaving tips on how to prepare your data for the merge

  • Set up your labels, name tags, letters, or emails in Word


Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Themes Expert

Vickie Sokol Evans, RedCape founder, is considered the expert in Microsoft Office Themes teaching and supporting end users how to easily leverage their corporate Theme and PowerPoint “template” while teaching and working with Corporate Marketing departments and Ad/Branding Agencies on how to properly create and deliver their branded Themes to end users. Author of "100 Life-Changing Tips using Microsoft Office" for both PC & Mac, Vickie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with 25+ certifications and over 20 years of classroom training experience, specializing in the Microsoft, Google and Apple productivity platforms.