PowerPoint Essentials Workshop

Easily build high-stakes PowerPoint decks with confidence

If you use PowerPoint on a regular basis, there are probably a few things you wish PowerPoint could do. In this course, you'll fill in your knowledge gaps and learn things you never knew existed and get better at building high-stakes presentations more effectively and faster!

You will learn how to use 3D models and media, apply animation and transitions, manage slide masters, plus, configure and present slide shows and custom slides shows. 

This 2-Part workshop will increase your skills and confidence in PowerPoint before you create your next high-stakes presentation or take the Microsoft Office Specialist certification exam.

Part 1

PowerPoint Essentials (80 minutes)

  • Understand the dynamic flow between Themes, colors, fonts, slides, and layouts

  • Insert, modify, and group slides

  • Insert and format text, shapes, images, charts, and SmartArt

  • Configure print settings

Part 2

BEYOND PowerPoint Essentials (80 minutes)

  • Insert and format tables

  • Insert 3D models and media (audio & video)

  • Apply animations and transitions

  • Configure and present slide shows and custom slides shows

Learners love this class!

“I am happy to report that I did a very small PowerPoint project this morning. In the past it has taken me a VERY long time to stumble my way through everything. It was a BREEZE today, Vickie! I was so shocked at how much I retained from having attended your online course over two months ago. I created a beautiful 22 slide presentation from scratch in under 45 minutes. That included interruptions. So fast and SO flippin' easy! Thank you, thank you!”

Linda Montgomery

“All I kept thinking is that I will never have to spend late hours in the office the night before a meeting formatting others' PowerPoint slides, that came to me [at the last minute] now that I have been introduced to the Reset button (tip # 75) in PowerPoint! The time flew by and I was energized by the information that was taught. My time was well spent at this training, and I laughed a lot too; Vickie is a hoot!”

Susie Chaney, Procter & Gamble

“I have no previous training in PowerPoint before this session. Now I am confident I can prepare an amazing presentation in no time.”

Attendee from Dallas County Community College


Vickie Sokol Evans

Microsoft Themes Expert

Vickie Sokol Evans, RedCape founder, is considered the expert in Microsoft Office Themes teaching and supporting end users how to easily leverage their corporate Theme and PowerPoint “template” while teaching and working with Corporate Marketing departments and Ad/Branding Agencies on how to properly create and deliver their branded Themes to end users. Author of "100 Life-Changing Tips using Microsoft Office" for both PC & Mac, Vickie is a Microsoft Certified Trainer with 25+ certifications and over 20 years of classroom training experience, specializing in the Microsoft, Google and Apple productivity platforms.